Buzz Bee Double Barrel Shotgun

Today, we’re talking about the Buzzbee Double Barrel Shotgun. This gun uses both Nerf and Buzzbee darts, which are in-cased in a shell, making it more shotgun-like. It shoots 25 feet with full barrel. There is a half barrel modification that makes it go probably 30-35 feet, it only takes a saw to cut off the end of the barrel, takes about 10 minutes.

Ok, review. Accuracy: 7 Range: 25-35 feet Shooting: 7 1/2 Overall: 10

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Nerf Big Bad Bow

The Nerf Big Bad Bow is out! It’s the first bow and arrow blaster, featuring, a scope, (non-removable), 3 arrows, sadly you can’t buy them separately only the 3 arrows it comes with. But it has great power, accuracy, and great for a sniper.

The Big Bad Bow, showing box, and gun.

Range : 35-40


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Nerf Raider CS-35

The Nerf Raider CS-35 is an exceptional gun, not bad but not awesome. This gun have a drum that holds 35 clip system darts, now that’s a huge plus! But the problem is that it has rapid fire, not a bad thing but not a good thing, bad thing is that with rapid fire is that it gets jammed or maybe broken! Good thing is that it is perfect for Nerf Wars! Here is the review and pic at the bottom.

Shooting: 8. Range: 7. Distance:8. Overall:8

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The Buzzbee Tommy 20

The Tommy 20 is a pretty bad blaster. Sure, you think it looks cool when you buy it, then bam! The darts go 2 feet. The gun also jams way to much if you try to simply shoot fast, otherwise it would be an awesome gun. The good thing  is it holds 20 darts. It’s decently loud as well, but it’s a cool gun to have in your arsenal, however, I don’t suggest buying it.

Range: 5  Accuracy: 5  Shooting: 4 Overall: 5.

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Firefly REV-8

The Nerf Firefly REV-8. Similar to the  gun P90. Ok, the stock holds 8 extra darts. The darts are white, suction darts with sticky, glow in the dark paper. You’ll need 2 double A batteries. The cocking mechanism is similar to the Maverick, its cousin. It has a rotating barrel on the front that holds 8 darts. Awesome gun, ( not a good gun for night battles because there’s a huge flash that makes the dart glow in the dark. Accuracy: 8 Shooting: 9  Range: 35 feet  Overall: 11

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The Nerf Longshot!



The Longshot CS-6. This is an incredible gun. It comes with 2 guns, one is removable, it is sort of a pistol, but it holds one bullet, pump then shoot. It can shoot decently far for not having a great spring.  Then the longshot shoots a good 35 feet. It has a bipod, non-removable, a scope, and six darts in a clip. It can use barrel attachments like from the Spectre REV-5, and the Recon. Great gun to have. I prefer it.

Range: 7  Accuracy: 4 Shooting: 9 Overall: 9


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The Barrel Break

The Barrel Break is very similar to it’s friend the Buzzbee Double Barreled Shotgun, but this has a Nerf design, no shells, and very best of all the shooting!

The Barrel Break has a button that you press on either side to bring down the muzzle ( The pipe that the dart goes through) then reload right there! The reloading time is far quicker than it’s rival Double Barrel. This gun is exclusively only at Toy’s R Us, but maybe if it sells good it may go to other stores as well!

Here is a picture and then the quick review

Here is the quick ‘view

Shooting: 10    Accuarcy: 9       Range: 10      Overall: 10!

I was very surprised with this gun it defiantly  deserves a 10!

Go out and buy this gun today at Toysrus

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The Magstrike

This is the Magstrike AS-10. Your probably looking at it and thinking, “Wow this looks really cool”. Well, it’s not a very good gun. first bad is you pump it 31 to 40 times. Then, you pull the trigger (before you put the magazine in) and it shoots 10 darts automatically. Plus, if you buy the dart tag version you get 2 magazines, and 20 darts, and a vest. Thats all, goodbye.

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Nerf Spectre REV-5

Hello, Today were talking about one of the newest guns  Nerf  Spectre REV-5 . Ok, here are some awesome things about the gun. It comes with five Vulcan darts, also it comes with a shoulder stock like the Recon and the Raider. Plus, it also comes with an attachable barrel, now thats pretty cool.

Accuracy: 8    Range With Barrel: 6 Range Without Barrel: 8 Shooting: 9 Overall: 10!

Great gun a must if your a pistol fan!

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Nerf Hornet

The Nerf Hornet is a great gun. I’d recommend having about two in your nerf arsenal. It shoots multi (all six darts) or single shot.

The bad about it is you have to pump it around 10-15 times, cock it, then shoot. Range: 30 to 35 feet, Accuracy:7  Shooting:6 Overall: 8

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