Nerf Rayven and Lumitron

The new Nerf Rayven, and Lumitron are out. The Rayven contains glowing darts, such as the Firefly did when it released, these are a little bit different though. I have not bought any guns lately, maybe 6-8 months, but I have shot them. They just keep getting better with ranges. Let’s focus on the Rayven. The gun itself looks like a Famas, or a P90. The darts, in actuality, are white, not green. They do glow green though. It comes with an odd 18-Dart clip. The clip looks great though, and it a nice alternative to a drum. Ranges are great once again, from what I have seen it just depends on how you treat the weapon. Brand new I’ve heard around 50-60 feet. Here is a picture:

This is all the Nerf Rayven contains, all it really needs to however.

Now for the Lumitron. It is a disc shooter/vortex blaster. The discs are glowing, and ranges are once again, hopefully great, as I imagine. Not much is known since it is not released. It is said to be on March 3, 2012. The clip holds 10, and from pictures you can tell it is pump-action. I hope to see reviews on this on release, looks great. Here is a picture:

The not yet released, Lumitron.



Nerf Vigilon

The Nerf Vigilion is out and only recently have I heard of it, it’s not as known as the other weapons, Proton, Praxis, Nitron. However, it is similar to the Maverick, it holds the same amount as it, and has a pump on top. This gun is very convenient  and mobile. I have gotten incredible ranges out of this gun as I hope you guys do as well.

The Nerf Vigilon

Nerf Proton!

The new mini Nerf Proton is out!  It fires a single but deadly shot, and then pull the ring, and rechamber! It’s quick, but not as convenient as some of its other blasters, Praxis and Nitron, but a nifty little blaster to have in any arsenal. For the price of only 9.99 USD!

The Nerf Proton side view.

Nerf Nitron!

The Nerf Nitron is out and ready to lock and load, with its semi auto capability, the only semi auto of the 3, has a new fly-wheel blasting source. The point of it is that it rotates, sending the disc off rotating to gain distance and precision. The Nitron also has a scope, which it has 3 modes, one where it lights up the scope fully, one where it blinks slowly, and one where it blinks fastly, a new and innovative device to the series. It connects by tactical rail so it can be used on any blaster by Nerf. This is by far my favorite and seems to be everyone elses.

A decent price of 44.99 similar to the Stampede when it first came out.

The Nerf Nitron with scope.

Nerf Praxis!

The Nerf Praxis is out! It’s an incredible gun with and amazing capability of pump action blasting, a removable stock, and contains 10 disc in a clip. However, the gun often jams, of all 3, this is the main one that will jam on you. Other than that, a great deal for only about $25.00 USD

The Nerf Praxis with removable stock.