The Barrel Break

The Barrel Break is very similar to it’s friend the Buzzbee Double Barreled Shotgun, but this has a Nerf design, no shells, and very best of all the shooting!

The Barrel Break has a button that you press on either side to bring down the muzzle ( The pipe that the dart goes through) then reload right there! The reloading time is far quicker than it’s rival Double Barrel. This gun is exclusively only at Toy’s R Us, but maybe if it sells good it may go to other stores as well!

Here is a picture and then the quick review

Here is the quick ‘view

Shooting: 10    Accuarcy: 9       Range: 10      Overall: 10!

I was very surprised with this gun it defiantly  deserves a 10!

Go out and buy this gun today at Toysrus

By Zakk Posted in Guns

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