Stampede ECS-50

The brand new Stampede just released today, is of the two machine guns,Vulcan and Stampede, is the best machine Nerf gun! Here is a picture but sadly no video because I have not yet purchased it here is the gun!

I know, I know, you should be in aw, this is truly a great gun. It includes and 18 dart clip,a type of riot shield or face protector, a bipod,darts, and the best thing in the box, the Stampede.

Here is the review

Shooting:9           Accuracy:6½        Range:8           Overall:8

I believe if you are truly a Nerf fan buy this gun but its all up to pricing, this may be expensive but it should lower in price very soon. Price: 54.99 not ridiculous but not cheap.

I would say BUY this gun!

By Zakk Posted in Guns

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